“Send Very Clear Message” ; Corbyn Calls For Britons To Protest When Trump Visits The UK
Labour Leader has called for Britons to take to the streets in a massive protest when Donald Trump visits the UK next year.

Jeremy Corbyn tore into the US President over his retweeting the far right’s anti-Muslims videos and pulling out of a global climate change agreement.

Mr Corby believes demonstrators should “turn out” in force when Donald Trump visits London in February to open the new US embassy and said a large protest would send a “very clear message” to Mr Trump that his policies are not popular in Britain.

The leader said: “My message to Donald Trump is this you represent a country that has been through some amazing social transformation, from the growth of the civil rights movement, the way in which Martin Luther King stood up for the rights of black people and was assassinated for it.”

He added: “And then you retweet stuff that is unbelievable and racist such as the stuff from Britain First. Please think of the people you have the honour to represent before you do that,”

Mr Corbyn referred to the Paris agreement and said: “And I would also say you might have some disagreement with the Paris Climate Change Accord but you know what, you and I live on the same planet, you and I breathe the same air, you and I both rely on the same oceans.”

“If you a very powerful world leader and support the climate change agreement and pursue an agenda of ending the pollution you will serve future generations well. But if you deregulate and allow it to get worse future generations will suffer and, you know, you might as well.”

Trump’s Muslim travel ban and the construction of the wall on the Mexican border were also criticized by the leader who called them “quite awful.”

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Recently, relations between the UK and the US have taken a battering after president Trump retweeted anti-Muslim propaganda put out by Britain First which Theresa May condemned while her words sparked a furious response from the US President.

“don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!” Mr Trump told the PM.

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