The Solidarity Association aims to bring together Palestinian supporters around the world
With the approaching time of 'The Fourth Global Convention of Solidarity with Palestine,' various media outlets met the General coordinator of this campaign Sheikh Yousef Abbas to discuss the role of the movement and its goals.

He stated that the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine is actually a bridge between the friendly and justice seeking institutions who believe in the veracity of the Palestinian issue.

According to Yousef Abbas, despite recent developments in the region, the world’s attention towards the Palestine issue seems to have declined, which prompted some institutions and political activists to form the association in 2013.

He added that this year’s summit will take place in sensitive conditions, because what Donald Trump called a “deal of the century” has faded out the issue of Palestine more seriously than before.

He emphasized that in this meeting, we are trying to use the full potential of the entire audience for coordination in order to achieve a joint operational plan to support Palestine.

He also said that the slogan of this year’s summit will be “Entire Jerusalem is the capital of entire Palestine”. We as a single unit believe there is no justice in division, and we reject every kind of negotiation for division, be that Jerusalem or Palestine. Justice is that entire Jerusalem is the capital of entire Palestine and all its citizens.

He also said that the number of volunteers attending the meeting is around 900 from 84 different countries, but the number of participants who have been selected based on geographic distribution is 300 from outside Lebanon.

He added: “We received a lot of requests for this meeting, but unfortunately, due to the limitations of facilities, we are not able to cater to all the respectable candidates and we had to select.” We hope that in the future we will be host more people by increasing the facilities.

Yousef Abbas explained that participants were selected based on various criteria and ideological and ethnic considerations. We will have three groups this year; the active members of the Association around the world, trustworthy personalities and human rights activists who all the way have supported the Palestinian issue.

In the end, he said: “Actually, the story begins at the end of the meeting, when we begin to implement the recommendations and agreements wherein we can create the right atmosphere to coordinate our efforts by bringing together the Palestinian issue’s supporters.


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