“Someone Forgot To Oil Her”; Theresa May Is Trolled On Twitter For Her ‘Maybot’ Dancing In Africa
Theresa May's dance moves are “as inept as her leadership and Tory world view!

Theresa May has been filmed dancing in front of schoolchildren on the first day of her trip to Africa on Tuesday.

In the video posted online by the Department of International Relations and Cooperation in South Africa, the UK Prime Minister was filmed moving from side to side and bobbing up and down when visiting children at the ID Mkhize Senior Secondary in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

The PM is seen smiling and laughing with the pupils and she was showing a couple of her moves.

“Can I thank all those young people who were involved in the performances outside who welcomed me.” May told the students during a packed assembly.

She also used her visit and announced that the Chevening scholarship would be opened up to 100 more of “Africa’s brightest young people”.

“What I see before me in this hall today is the future of South Africa. ‘I’d like to think that some of you, when you get older, if you’re thinking of going to university that you might think of coming to one of our great universities in the UK.” the PM said.

Her awkward movement, however, raised laughter on social media. “Theresa May dances like she’s had her freedom of movement surgically removed.” A Twitter user said, while another one said her dance moves are “as inept as her leadership and Tory world view!”

“I think someone forgot to oil her?” a user said and the other one added: “Comes to something when her dance moves are better than her PM moves.”


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