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Andrew Marr’s takedown of Jacob Rees-Mogg hit the ‘patriot’ right where it hurts
The patriot’s patriot Jacob Rees-Mogg found himself in the firing line on The Andrew Marr Show on 27 May. The Conseravtive MP faced some tough questions on his investment firm, which has been doing rather a lot of investing abroad.

These investments included over £217 million in Russian businesses. When quizzed by Andrew Marr, Rees-Mogg claimed innocence. But the MP co-founded Somerset Asset Management in 2007 and retains a stake of over 15% in the business. Dealings Earlier this year, Rees-Mogg led the charge for …

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn Had The Best Answer To Marr’s Middle Class Students Claim
Opening his weekly BBC politics show, Andrew Marr appeared to marginalise Jeremy Corbyn’s support. But the Labour leader responded with a slam dunk.

Kicking off the interview, Andrew Marr asked whether Jeremy Corbyn had become “over-optimistic” about Labour’s electoral prospects. He continued: “You didn’t win the election. What happened in the election was you got lots and lots …