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Assad says he’s open to establishing Iranian bases in Syria
In an interview with, Arabic news channel Al-Alam, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad discussed a wide range of issues, including the Iranian presence in the southern part of his country and the possibility of visiting Tehran soon.

The interview started with questions about southern Syria, which has become contentious and a source of media speculation regarding stories about the possibility of Russia-Israel negotiations to block Iranians from having a presence anywhere in that …

Theresa May Is A Colonialist Liar Who Helped Stage Chemical Attack In Syria: Bashar Assad
Syria's president has accused the UK of being behind the chemical attack on Douma in April and giving support to ISIS terror group.

Bashar al-Assad called Theresa May a “colonialist liar” who along with the UK’s allies, US and France, deliberately prolonged the Syrian Civil War and helped stage the alleged chemical attack in Douma that killed 42 …