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Bernie Sanders tweets new expression of support for Palestinians in Gaza
Senator Bernie Sanders, who ran against Hilary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, shared a new video in solidarity with Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip yesterday.

“The voices of the Palestinians are rarely heard,” Sanders tweeted. “This is what life is like for those who are living in Gaza under a 10 year blockade.” The clip consists of Palestinians in Gaza …

Bernie Sanders goes on TV and nails what America needs to defeat Trump
On 1 June, progressive US senator Bernie Sanders appeared in a TV interview. And in it, he nailed what America needs if it’s to deal an electoral defeat to Donald Trump.

Make the message clear Interviewer Bill Maher suggested that the strength of Trump’s support base is partly a result of his clear messaging. And he asked Sanders what message politicians seeking to defeat Trump – the biggest …

“You Have A President Who Is A Pathological Liar”; Bernie Sanders Slams Donald trump
It is an international embarrassment, we have a president who has driven the respect that this great country has all over the world down lower than it has ever been, Bernie Sanders said.

Senator Bernie Sanders that President Trump is a “pathological liar” who is making it impossible for Congress to find an agreement on spending, immigration, and other issues. During an interview with MSNBC on Friday, the …