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Leaked comments reveal Boris Johnson is worried he’s been over-thinking this whole Brexit thing
Boris Johnson famously wrote an unpublished newspaper article that criticised Brexit two days before he came out in support of it. For this, and other reasons, people have accused Johnson of not thinking Brexit through. And yet, recently leaked comments suggest Johnson is worried we’re over-thinking it.

Trumpian Johnson was speaking at a private dinner for Conservative activists on Wednesday 6 June. A recording of his speech was leaked to BuzzFeed. He criticised the UK’s Brexit stance, saying: I am increasingly admiring of Donald Trump. I …
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">Boris Johnson: Britain has ‘no intention of walking away’ from the Iran nuclear deal
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says his government has "no intention of walking away" from the Iran nuclear agreement, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the deal.

Johnson who was speaking in Parliament told British MPs that the UK would “strive to preserve the gains” made by the international agreement. Trump announced on Tuesday he will pull out, describing it as “defective …

Leaked Boris Johnson’s Letter To PM Raises The Prospect Of A Hard Border In Ireland
The Foreign Secretary tells Mrs May it is not Government's job to maintain “no border” in Ireland

An explosive leaked memo revealed that the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has told the Prime Minister it is not Britain’s responsibility to prevent a hard border in Ireland after Brexit. In a letter he sent to Theresa May, obtained …

Theresa May Defends Toby Young Despite His “Misogyny And Homophobia” Tweets
The Prime Minister has supported the right-wing journalist and her controversial new university tsar Toby Young in spite of his sick joke about starving children on Comic Relief in 2009.

Despite mounting pressure to sack Young over a series of misogynistic and homophobic tweets, Theresa May praised his “good work” setting up free schools and said he’ll be given another chance. “Frankly I’m not at …

Theresa May’s Cabinet Is ‘Mad, Ludicrous And Clueless About The Economy; Former Tory Minister Says
Boris Johnson and Liam Fox were “crazy” to focus on “shameful” talk of trade deals with Commonwealth countries like New Zealand, rather than China

A former Treasury Minister has sharply blasted ministers for seeking to cut trade deals with Commonwealth countries rather than giants such as China. Lord O’Neill, attacked the Brexiteers in Government such as Boris Johnson and …

Theresa May Faces Political Defeat Over Counting Foreign Students As Immigrants
Despite opposition from the Prime Minister, foreign students 'will be cut' from immigration figures by ministers

Theresa May is facing a political defeat that would force her to abandon her much-criticised policy of counting foreign students as immigrants in official statistics. While the Prime Minister has blocked the move for years, arguing …