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We Will Lose The Next Election And We Deserve To; Theresa May’s Former Policy Chief Warns
George Freeman said the Tories are turning the process of leaving the EU into “essentially an alley street-cat fight between rival gangs”.

The conservatives will “deserve to lose” the next election if they carry on feuding over public spending and Brexit, Theresa May’s former policy chief has said on Tuesday. George Freeman warned the Prime Minister that the Tories are heading …

This brutal interview with a government minister should be the new normal
Politicians are known for going out of their way to avoid answering questions. But one interviewer has now taken a stand against this. Because Richard Madeley, interviewing Gavin Williamson, opted to end an interview rather than listen to any more deflections.

Interview terminated Madeley was questioning Williamson about his response to the Salisbury poisoning case. Specifically, he wanted to know if Williamson – the defence secretary – regretted telling Russia to “go away and shut up”. Williamson responded …

Labour Told Gavin Williamson To “Focus On His Job” Rather Than Giving Credence To “False And Ridiculous Smears”
Labour Leader has criticised Tory Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson comparing “smears” against him to the “lies” that inspired mosque killer Darren Osborne.

Last week, Williamson claimed that Jeremy Corbyn had unwittingly met a Czech spy posing as a diplomat in the 1980s which he said was a “betrayal of this country”. He also said Corbyn had “never had Britain’s …