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Islamic Republic’s Main Policy Is To Discredit US Government Which Is Even Worse Than ISIS: Iranian Leader
the US government is the cruelest and most merciless system in the world, which is even worse than the savage ISIS members

The Islamic Revolution of Iran was an end to the two central corrupt thoughts in the world and creation of a new power based on a religious model, with a divine, Islamic foundation. “The Islamic …

Millions Of Iranians Will Celebrate 39th Anniversary Of Their Revolution, Marking The Overthrow Of The US-Backed Dictator Monarchy
In February 1979, Monarch Reza Pahlavi was overthrown and the Iranian Revolution turned the country's a dictatorial monarchy with an Islamic theocracy.

For 25 years, millions of Iranians were held hostage by the US-backed monarchy. Since August 19, 1953, to February 1, 1979, over 17 million of Iranians were living as hostages of the US government. Iranians …