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Oliver North To Save National Rifle Association From Financial Catastrophe By Selling Arms To Iran
“Iran needs weapons, and, Lord knows, we have a lot of weapons lying around,” NRA President said, “This is the definition of a win-win.”

NRA President Oliver North announced Sunday his plan to sell arms to Iran to save the National Rifle Association from financial catastrophe. Asserting that “heroic measures” were needed to save the National Rifle Association from …

Germany: Iran Is Surpassing Russia And China’s Cyber Capacity
According to Germany's BfV domestic intelligence agency, Iran has expanded its cyber-attack capabilities and poses a threat to German companies and research institutions.

On Tuesday, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and the BfV agency reported that cyber attacks with a likely origin in Iran is steadily increasing since 2014, and numerous such attacks were seen on German targets …

Millions Of Iranians Will Celebrate 39th Anniversary Of Their Revolution, Marking The Overthrow Of The US-Backed Dictator Monarchy
In February 1979, Monarch Reza Pahlavi was overthrown and the Iranian Revolution turned the country's a dictatorial monarchy with an Islamic theocracy.

For 25 years, millions of Iranians were held hostage by the US-backed monarchy. Since August 19, 1953, to February 1, 1979, over 17 million of Iranians were living as hostages of the US government. Iranians …