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Muslim Activists Reject Theresa May’s Invitation Because Of Islamophobia In Her Party
Charity activist turned down an invitation from Downing Street and said the Eid of children in countries like Yemen involved bombs, death, and destruction supplied by the UK government.

A Muslim rapper and a humanitarian activist have both rejected formal invitations to celebrate Eid in Downing Street, citing their opposition to Theresa May’s foreign policy and treatment of Islamophobia within her party. The 25-year-old rapper, Khaled Siddiq said …

Shocking video shows man in Islamophobic rant at Muslim girls in New Jersey
A man has been captured delivering a shocking Islamophobic and racist rant aimed at five teenage Muslim girls in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Fatima Khan began recording the incident on her phone, and has since posted the video on her Twitter page, where it has nearly had 4,000 views. Khan told that she and her four friends – Ibtissam Jaouad, Aniza Nasir, Dolma Tsering, and Yahaira Osorio — were …

Theresa May Ignores Widespread Islamophobia In Her Party, Says Former Tory Co-Chair
A former co-chair of the conservative party has said that the “poison” of Islamophobia is “very widespread” between the Tories but is being “deliberately ignored” by the party leaders.

Baroness Warsi, who served as Cameron’s minister without portfolio, told Business Insider: “ is very widespread . It exists right from the grassroots, all the way up to the top,” she said. “I don’t think …

Anti-Muslim protester gives a ‘Heil Hitler’ Nazi salute — and then cries about ‘abuse’ while being detained by police
During a demonstration in support of jailed anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson, a protester was filmed giving a “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute — only to be caught on film crying while police arrested and handcuffed him.

“Mom, I’m so sorry!” the Robinson supporter was heard yelling as London police arrested him during the weekend demonstration at the city’s famous Trafalgar Square. “Why am I being abused?” the Robinson supporter, seen wearing …

A right-wing journalist is claiming that Islamophobia is a form of ‘thought control’
Right-wing journalist Melanie Phillips has written an article [paywall] for the Times with the headline: Islamophobia is a fiction to shut down debate. In it, she argues that “Islamophobia is a mind-bending attempt at thought control”.

Phillips’ view on Islamophobia During an appearance on the BBC’s Sunday Politics, Phillips said the concept of Islamophobia is being used to cover what she regards as “legitimate criticisms”: Thank you @DawnHFoster for standing up to Melanie Phillips' disgusting …
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">UK Must Be Prepared For Far-Right Extremists’ “Civil War On Islam”: Report
Far-right extremists in the British are moving increasingly as they prepare for what they believe is a "civil war on Islam", a new report released by a UK-based anti-racism group found.

A report by Hope Not Hate, a campaign group which investigates neo-Nazi groups to combat far-right extremism, warns of further violence emanating from various factions following the Finsbury Park terror attack on Muslims and neo-Nazi murder of …