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">Ben Bradley Deletes ‘Spy’ Tweet About Jeremy Corbyn After Labour Leader Threatens Legal Action
Tory MP deletes tweet saying Jeremy Corbyn sold British secrets to "Communist spies".

Tory’s vice-chairman, Ben Bradley, has deleted a tweet claiming that the Labour Leader sold British secrets to “Communist spies” after Jeremy Corbyn said he would take legal action against him. Corbyn’s spokesman said he had instructed …

Labour Told Gavin Williamson To “Focus On His Job” Rather Than Giving Credence To “False And Ridiculous Smears”
Labour Leader has criticised Tory Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson comparing “smears” against him to the “lies” that inspired mosque killer Darren Osborne.

Last week, Williamson claimed that Jeremy Corbyn had unwittingly met a Czech spy posing as a diplomat in the 1980s which he said was a “betrayal of this country”. He also said Corbyn had “never had Britain’s …

“This Should Never Have Happened”; Jeremy Corbyn Laid Flowers & Card For Homeless Man Who Died Near Parliament
Labour Leader has laid personal flowers and a card where a homeless man died while sleeping rough just metres from the Houses of Parliament.

A handwritten card signed by Jeremy Corbyn was found near the station entrance, read: “This should never have happened. As a country, we must stop walking by. Rest in peace.” The rough sleeper, who has …

Jeremy Corbyn Promises To Put National Grid In Public Hands In Order To Tackle Climate Change
The Labour Leader has promised to nationalise all of the UK's energy companies in order to avoid the “climate catastrophe” threatened by global warming.

Jeremy Corbyn said he will make averting “climate catastrophe” a central aim if he wins power, noting that it can only be achieved with public ownership of Britain’s energy system. Last night, Labour accused companies of paying …

Jeremy Corbyn Asks Re-Opening Of Prison Holloway Visitor’s Centre To Be Used As A Homeless Shelter
The Labour leader has requested to house dozens of local rough sleepers on the site of Victorian Holloway Prison.

Jeremy Corbyn demanded the visitor centre of Victorian Holloway Prison to be used as a homeless shelter. The previous prison of women in his north London constituency, whose infamous cells held suffragettes, the last woman …

Jeremy Corbyn Urges PM To Prevent Any Deal That Would Give US Healthcare Giants Toehold In NHS
The Prime Minister has declined to guarantee that she will not diminish food standards or open up the NHS to American firms in a trade deal with President Donald Trump.

The Labour Leader asked Theresa May to rule out any deal that would give US healthcare firms a toehold in the NHS. The SNP also raised concerns that such a deal will lead to the …