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John McDonnell: Better We Have A General Election Rather Than A Second Referendum
The shadow chancellor warned second EU referendum would “divide the country again”, and “those divisions are really still there”.

The shadow chancellor said another Brexit referendum would cause further divisions and described another general election as a “better route”. John McDonnell told Peston on Sunday that he would rather have another general election than a second EU referendum which …

“It’s Alarming For Disabled People”; Corbyn Criticises Esther Mcvey’s Appointment As New DWP Boss
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has criticised the PM for the appointment of Esther McVey as Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions describing it as 'alarming'.

McVey, the former disabilities minister, who was promoted in Monday’s reshuffle, played a key role in implementing the hated bedroom tax in David Cameron ‘s government. McVey, who is widely disliked on Merseyside after pushing controversial policies …

Twitter Users Hit “Ignorant” Tory MP For Claiming People Have “Thousands More In Their Pockets” After The Budget
During a debate on the Budget, Tory MP Rebecca Pow claimed that people have “thousands more in their pockets”.

Soon after Ms Pow told Parliament that the people in Taunton Deane had “thousands more in their pockets”, she has been branded ignorant for comments she made. The Labour’s shadow chancellor, John McDonnell responded in …