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">Commons Moved To Tears As An MP Recounts “Horror” Of A Stillbirth Baby That “Did Not Exist”
An MP moved the House of Commons to tears as she recalled the moment she was told her stillborn daughter "officially did not exist", despite knowing her heart was beating during the labour.

Sharon Hodgson’s voice cracked with emotion and she paused several times during her speech on the Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths Bill, which includes introducing formal recording for a stillborn child born before 24 weeks’ …

May Breaks Her Party’s Promise By Failing To “Come Clean” About Dinners With Super-Rich Donors
“A functioning democracy is not one that allows the super-rich to buy influence in the governing Party without any transparency”

Jon Trickett, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister has called the Tory chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin, to “come clean” about dinners attended by super-rich donors and to release full details of the meetings immediately. Although the …

Corbyn Hits Back At Morgan Stanley: You Are Right, We’re A Threat
After the investment bank claimed that Labour government could pose as much of a risk to business in Britain as a hard Brexit, Labour Leader told Morgan Stanley it was right to view his party as a threat

This week, the bank’s equity team published their annual outlook for the European stock markets saying Jeremy Corbyn was a “bigger risk than Brexit” to the UK economy. Mr Corbyn just hit back calling banks …