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“Punish A Muslim Day” Letters Posted To Britons Calling On Them To Attack Muslims
Several people in the UK have received anonymous letters this weekend calling on them to attack Muslims on April 3, termed in the leaflet as “punish a Muslim” day.

Residents in at least six communities in England, including Bradford, Leicester, London, Cardiff and Sheffield reported receiving the letters, printed on A4 paper which called on the recipients to commit violent acts against Muslims. British counterterrorism …

Denmark’s Right-Wing Party Sparks Outrage For Calling Muslims To Worship In “Warehouses”
DPP’s spokesperson, Martin Henriksen has sparked outrage after calling for Muslims to move their worship to “unmarked” buildings.

The Danish MP Henriksen told Arab News that Muslim worship is “fine” if the praying ritual takes place in “normal buildings without minarets”, such as “offices or warehouses.” The Danish People’s Party (DPP) is a …