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Tens Of Thousands Protesters Call For Theresa May’s Resignation Ahead Of NHS 70th Anniversary
Tens of thousands have marched through central London Saturday to mark the NHS’s 70th anniversary and demand greater funding for the health service.

Politicians, Nurses, doctors, actors, and musicians also joined the demonstrators stopped outside Downing Street to demand the Prime Minister’s resignation. “the NHS needs saving, don’t let them break it”, protesters carrying placards and banners reading “Standing …

Under-Fire Jeremy Hunt Says There Would Not Be “Very Much Brexit Dividend To Fund NHS”
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was ambushed by BBC host Andrew Marr after he suggested there would not be “very much Brexit dividend” to raise the extra £20 bn to the NHS.

In an appearance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show this morning, the presenter asked the Tory to explain how the Government planned to raise the extra funding it promised to the NHS after Mr Hunt dismissed Theresa …

Theresa May Admits People Don’t Trust Her On NHS And Public Services
Theresa May is to call on her party to “face up to the fact” and admit that public has “doubts” over the Conservatives’ handling of the NHS and other public services.

The Prime Minister said British people distrust the Conservatives’ motivations around vital public services such as the NHS and education. She will use a speech at the Conservatives’ Spring Conference in central London to say …