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Watch: Russian Pilot Surrounded By Terrorists, Killed Himself With Grenade To Avoid Capture
The Russian pilot had exploded his grenade to take his own life rather than be captured by terrorists.

A Russian pilot downed by rebel fighters in Syria, shot dead two enemies before killing himself with a grenade to avoid being captured by terrorists. Roman Filipov, ejected after Syrian rebels hit his Su-25 over Idlib province using a …

“Rat In Glasses”; Putin Spy Who Visited Theresa May Inside Downing Street Is Arrested
Video footage shows an alleged Russian spy following the Prime Minister into 10 Downing Street during an official diplomatic visit in July.

Stanislav Yezhov was detained by the country’s police on Wednesday and was accused of working for a “hostile government” after Ukraine’s SBU security service said he was “gathering information about government activities” and passing it …