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A renowned professor brings the West’s Syria propaganda crashing down, live on air
Renowned Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs has brought the Syria propaganda spread by Western governments crashing down, live on air.

Sachs, who has won numerous awards and honours, was speaking to MSNBC about the ongoing Syrian conflict on 12 April. And he said: This is a US mistake that started seven years ago… The CIA and Saudi Arabia, together – …

As the bombs fall on Syria, one company’s share price reaches a record high
On 14 April, the UK, France and the US bombed Syria. But one company, in particular, seems to be doing very well amid the conflict. And that company, Raytheon, is one of the world’s largest arms companies. It’s the one that manufactured the bombs Donald Trump used to attack Syria in 2017.

Good for business Raytheon’s share price hit an at least 20-year record high on 13 April, as the conflict intensified:   As the above chart shows, war is great business if you’re an arms dealer. …

Russia’s Defence Ministry: US Bombs Syrian Civilians In Raqqa Like Its WWII
Russia has accused the US-led coalition in Syria of wiping the city of Raqqa “off the face of the Earth” with carpet-bombing, in the same way America and Britain bombed Germany’s Dresden during World War Two.

The Russian Defence Ministry, which has repeatedly been forced to deny accusations from activists and western politicians of indiscriminately bombing Syrian civilians, said it looked like the West was now rushing to provide financial aid …