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Brits Fear Theresa May’s Brexit Will Make Them Worse Off, Damning Poll Reveals
Just 19 per cent of people think the PM can pull off a good Brexit deal Nearly half of all people think they will be worse off after Brexit Nearly half think the negotiations are going worse than expected

Britain has lost faith in Theresa May’s ability to salvage a good Brexit deal with people increasingly fearful that they will be personally worse off. A devastating poll by Ipsos MORI for the Evening Standard reveals a slump …
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">Theresa May makes urgent Brexit statement as UK admits talks have hit ‘significant problem’
The Prime Minister will address the House of Commons after UK sources admitted a "significant problem" and No Deal was branded "inevitable"

Theresa May will today make an urgent Brexit statement after the UK admitted talks with the EU have hit deadlock. The Prime Minister will address the House of Commons from 3.30pm in a bombshell moment …
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">Twitter Went Crazy After Theresa May Danced Onto Stage To ABBA’s Dancing Queen
"I hope they put a "some viewers may find these scenes disturbing" warning on the news before showing the ignominious death of Dancing Queen"

Prime Minister has been widely mocked for her robotic dancing on to the stage to ABBA’s Dancing Queen at the Conservative Party Conference on Wednesday. Theresa May danced her way on to the 2018 stage to deliver her …
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">Boris Johnson Calls Theresa May’s Chequers Plan “Deranged” And “Preposterous”
Johnson says the key distinction between him and May is that Unlike the Prime Minister, he "campaigned for Brexit.”

Former Foreign Secretary has branded the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan “deranged,” and “preposterous” in his first newspaper interview since quitting the office in July. During an interview with the Sunday Times, Boris Johnson said the idea that …