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We Are In Your Home; ISIS Terrorist’s Selfie On New York Street Goes Viral
The horror selfie of a man wearing an ISIS face scarf is being spread across the Internet this week by terrorist groups who want to prove their fighters can reach major US cities.

The selfie of the terrorist standing on the sidewalk outside the Upper East Side of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York comes after the terror group’s media channels ramped up their threats to …

Corbyn Accused Government Of Paying “Lip Service” To Israel-Palestine Conflict
Corbyn said those in power do nothing to use their leverage to end the oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian people

During a major speech at the UN in Geneva on Friday afternoon, the Labour Leader has attacked UK governments which “pay lip service to a comprehensive settlement and two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.” The …

Revealed: US And UK Secretly Signed Deal To Smuggle ISIS Fighters Out Of Raqqa
Hundreds of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists were smuggled out of Raqqa in Syria last month as part of a deal struck by the US and UK armed forces, a media investigation has claimed.

ISIS fighters and their families were covertly evacuated by American, British and local Kurdish forces from the de facto capital of the terrorist group after it was bombarded in October, and freed to “spread out …