Tel Aviv: Israel Does Not Obey US-Russia Ceasefire Deal In Syria

Israel’s minister of Military Affairs, Avigdor Liberman signaled Sunday it will not be bound by a reported ceasefire deal in southern Syria reached by the United States, Russia, and Jordan.

The minister indicated that Tel Aviv would continue with military strikes across the Syrian border. Tel Aviv has, on several occasions, targeted the territory inside Syria. Liberman added:

“Israel reserves its complete freedom of action, regardless of any understandings or developments in the region.”

on July 7, Russia, the US, and Jordan agreed to back a ceasefire in southwestern Syria to establish a de-escalation zone in the Syrian provinces of Dara’a, Suwayda, and Quneitra, which borders the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The ceasefire came into force two days later and proved to be helpful in reducing fighting in the designated area.

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Recently, Tzachi Hanegbi, the Israel’s Minister for Regional Cooperation told reporters:

“There’s reflection here of the understanding that Israel has set red lines, and will stand firm on this.”

Yisrael Katz, Israeli Intelligence Minister told The Associated Press the agreement is a positive development but Israel is not a party to the agreement and will defend its interests. He said:

“We have proved that before and we will prove it again in the future,”

While the deal was a key step in ending the fighting in Syria and would lead to a political solution to the Syrian civil war, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came out against the deal, signaled that Tel Aviv would continue with military strikes across the Syrian border to thwart any alleged encroachment even by violating a de-escalation zone designated by Russia and the US.

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