Telegraph Reports: Theresa May Instructed MPs To Back Her Up And Shout Corbyn Down During PMQs

Recently, during Prime Minister’s Questions, Theresa May’s MPs David Morris who received whispered instructions from her new chief whip shouted down Jeremy Corbyn.

David Morris’s shouting prompted a harsh interference by the Commons Speaker, John Bercow who later intervened, saying: “Mr Morris, calm yourself—behave with restraint. You are seated in a prominent position. Quiet.”

Later Mr Bercow said: “a concerted effort to shout someone down is totally undemocratic and completely unacceptable”.

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The exchange between Mr Smith and Mr Morris was not broadcast as it took place while the television cameras were trained on Mr Corbyn. Mr Morris subsequently shouted and pointed at Mr Corbyn, the Labour leader looked up and paused several times.

Earlier this month, another a Conservative politician, Julian Smith loudly heckled the Labour leader during an attack on the Government’s Universal Credit scheme.

A Conservative MP who witnessed the exchange said Mr Morris’s intervention was a “precision bombing exercise” commissioned by Mr Smith in order to “shout Corbyn down and put him off his stride”.

Morris denied the claim and told the newspaper that the chief whip “was just passing pleasantries”.

The MPs interference have been part of a wider strategy to help Mrs May at PMQs, amid concerns about her performance. It is being carried out by a group of MPs labelled internally as the “K-Team” – or “kill team” – whose purpose is to “shout Corbyn down and put him off his stride”.

According to a Tory source, another strategy known as “chamber operations”, includes a row of female government aides standing in a line near the entrance to the chamber, so Mrs May sees “friendly faces” when she turns to her right and both she and television cameras pick up “supportive” expressions rather than “angry jeering”.

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