Tell MAMA Reports: 56 Per Cent Of Hate Crime Victims Are Muslim Women

According to a new report released by Tell MAMA, hate crime monitor, by rapidly growing Islamophobia in the UK during the last year, Muslim women are more likely to be attacked or abused by wearing Islamic clothing.

More than 69% of offenders were white men who attacked the women wearing Islamic clothing.

All Muslim women wear clothing according to their Islamic faith, the headscarf, face veil, robe and other garments. These women are unfortunately targeted of rising Islamophobia in the UK.

Miqdaad Versi, the assistant general of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), told:

“One major driver of Islamophobia is the way certain sections of the media have reported on Muslims,”

Versi continued:

“This has created this idea that Muslims are the ‘other’. The government needs to take serious action to tackle hate crime against all communities in an equal and proportionate manner, which as it stands right now, is not the case,”

The UK police forces recorded 110 hate crimes directed at mosques between March and July this year. Islamophobic incidents in the U.K. have reached alarming point since deadly terror attacks in Manchester and London.

A number of Muslim women modified their appearance by wearing caps in place of headscarves to prevent being attacked.

Former Communities Minister and Chair of Tell MAMA, Shahid Malik said:

“When women feel compelled to modify their looks or clothing to remain safe on our streets, then we are well on the road to sleep-walking into a two-tier society where Muslim Britons are second-class citizens in their own country”.

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