Theresa May Accused Of Treating Her Cabinet Like “Idiots” After Fresh Brexit Threat
The Foreign Secretary has publicly backed Jacob Rees-Mogg and said MPs should be “able to air their views” after the Eurosceptic MP threatened to bring down Theresa May.

Rees-Mogg warned that Theresa May could be forced out of power if she fails to deliver on her Brexit promises. He asked the PM to “stand firm” for what she herself has promised to keep “us tied closely to the EU after Brexit.”

“The Prime Minister must deliver the Brexit she promised or risk collapsing her Government.” Rees-Mogg said.

The comment came after the PM was accused of treating her party like “idiots” when Downing Street announced a “third option” for the UK’s customs arrangements with the EU but failed to tell a single minister what it was.

“It feels like the wild west,” the Times quoted on senior Tory as saying: “We are all being kept in the dark.”

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A future Tory leader, claimed the PM could end up like Victorian Prime Minister Robert Peel, who split his party over free trade and ended up sacrificing his career.

May’s former chief of staff also warned that the UK risks signing the “worst possible” Brexit deal.

Nick Timothy said the EU wants a deal on the best terms for them and the “very worst for Britain”.

On Monday, Boris Johnson defended Rees-Mogg amid Tory division on Twitter, said: “It’s vital that all MPs are able to air their views on Brexit.”

“Whatever your position, I hope we can all agree that Jacob Rees Mogg is a principled and dedicated MP who wants the best for our country.” Johnson added.

However, Foreign Office minister Sir Alan accused Rees-Mogg of “insolence” while another Tories warned he risked plunging the Conservative party into an “ego-fest” and told him to support May or “shut up”.

Another minister, Alastair Burt, tweeted: “Enough. Just tired of this endless threat and counter threat,” Added, “Why don’t we want the best for the UK than for our own ideological cliques?”

During her speech at the Conservatives annual summer fundraiser at the posh Hurlingham Club in West London, the Prime Minister said Brexit was the biggest challenge of her lifetime and could yet destroy them.

“Will we find the boldness, the courage and the discipline to unite as one for the good of our nation and fellow citizens? May said, “Or will we be divided and allow the scale of the challenge, the complexity of the questions to overwhelm us?”

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