Theresa May Admits People Don’t Trust Her On NHS And Public Services
Theresa May is to call on her party to “face up to the fact” and admit that public has “doubts” over the Conservatives’ handling of the NHS and other public services.

The Prime Minister said British people distrust the Conservatives’ motivations around vital public services such as the NHS and education.

She will use a speech at the Conservatives’ Spring Conference in central London to say hospitals and schools are facing difficulties that the government must show it is trying to tackle.

“We know how much we care about our vital public services, and we know we have a strong record of delivery in government,” the PM will say later today.

“While always defending our record in office, we also need to accept that our public services today do face real challenges and we must be clear about the action we are taking to help them,” She is expected to say.

Mrs May will also call the Government’s successes on Brexit and the economy, saying: “But there is another area of our national life which is equally important, and that is our key public services.”

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She will call her party to face up to “political fact” about these issue: “Some people question our motives. They wonder whether we care enough about our NHS and schools, whether we truly respect the people who work in them, and understand that people rely on them.”

The PM will also open up about her own story and say that she relies on the NHS “every day” to treat her diabetes.

“When I was diagnosed with diabetes, the NHS was there for me,” she will add: “Skilled and compassionate, helping me every step of the way to manage my condition and live a normal life. I rely on the NHS everyday and I am eternally grateful to them.”

Later, the shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner dismissed the PM’s comments, saying Mrs May was desperately trying to sound like she cared about public services, “but you can’t trust a word she says”.

“The truth is that, under this government, the NHS is in crisis, our schools are in crisis and local councils are in crisis as a result of Tory cuts,” Mrs Rayner said.

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