Theresa May Recounts The Time She Interrupted Couple Having Sex While Canvassing General Election Campaign
The prime minister has told a story of a couple having sex while she canvassing during last year's general election campaign and how she interrupted couple’s intimate moment.

Speaking at the Westminster correspondents’ dinner in London on Wednesday evening, Theresa May joked that she called a snap general election last year only to avoid getting out of a speech to journalists, and that she might do the same again this Easter.

“I was looking forward to this event so much that I called a general election to get out of it.” She said: “But I can’t pull that stunt two years in a row. Or can I? I am, after all, going walking in Wales at Easter.”

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Recalling one canvassing encounter, May said: “I remember, in my time as a politician, one canvassing trip particularly sticks in my memory.”

She said: “I was at the open door of a caravan and there was clearly some activity within, so I duly knocked. No answer — but the activity persisted. It looked like there was someone lying down. I knocked again, and put my head around the door. There was someone lying down. In fact, two people were lying down. And it wasn’t a good time to ask them if they were going to vote Conservative,”

“They were giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘deep and special partnership.’” She added: “I’m used to hearing moans on the doorstep, but this was something else.”

In her speech to political journalists and senior ministers, May who has been under fire for a lack of control over her cabinet, also spent much of the speech mocking her ministers.

Referring to her own “Maybot” moniker, the PM joked that if Boris Johnson was a smartphone app it would carry the warning “contains adult content”.

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, was “like a drier, less frivolous version of LinkedIn”, and the Brexit secretary was described as David “Mad Max” Davis.

The PM described her worry about Matt Hancock’s need to “track your location, access your photos” and the error message “there is a fault with Matt Hancock”.

She also joked about her predecessor David Cameron being “snowed into his wheely shed” and recounted his worries about “ambitious female home secretaries” taking his jobs, as she nodded to Amber Rudd.

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