Theresa May Says She Trusts Donald Trump And They Have “Special Relationship”

The British Prime Minister said she trusts what US President Trump tells her and they have a “special relationship.”

Speaking to the American channel CBS This Morning, Theresa May was asked whether she trusted Trump’s words.

“When he tells you something, do you trust him?” the CBS host John Dickerson asked.

“Of course I listen to what the American president tells me,” the prime minister replied.

Dickerson continued: “But do you trust him?”

May replied after a pause: “Well, yes. I mean, we work together. We have a special relationship. This is two people reflecting as leaders of their two countries – the relationship that those two countries have and have built up over a number of years.”

“And as we work together – let me give you a very good example. You know, I spoke to President Trump after the Salisbury attack took place,” she added. “He said he would expel Russian intelligence officers. He did it.”

Asked whether she was disappointed after the US president did not raise the atrocity with Russian’ Vladimir Putin directly, May replied: “Well, there’s – he raised a number of issues were raised in that discussion.”

“I think Vladimir Putin is in no doubt about the view that we have about what happened on the streets of Salisbury.” She said.

During his controversial visit to the UK in July this year, Trump roasted the PM in an interview by suggesting that Boris Johnson would make “a great Prime Minister”.

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The comment comes ahead of the start of the UN General Assembly which will see 130 world leaders, including May and Trump, gather in New York.

Dickerson also asked the PM whether she feels “humiliated” by the EU’s response to her Brexit proposal. May responded that she feels the UK has put forward a “credible proposal” that seeks to both ensure a positive trade relationship and the protection of the people in Northern Ireland’s interests.

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