Theresa May’s Cabinet Is ‘Mad, Ludicrous And Clueless About The Economy; Former Tory Minister Says
Boris Johnson and Liam Fox were “crazy” to focus on “shameful” talk of trade deals with Commonwealth countries like New Zealand, rather than China

A former Treasury Minister has sharply blasted ministers for seeking to cut trade deals with Commonwealth countries rather than giants such as China.

Lord O’Neill, attacked the Brexiteers in Government such as Boris Johnson and Gove saying Johnson was a “ludicrous” figure and that he and Liam Fox were “crazy” to focus on “shameful” talk of trade deals with Commonwealth countries like New Zealand, rather than China.

“[They are] very intellectual, smart people. But they have no clue about the world economy. They are clueless, sadly. Clueless,” the former minister said.

In an interview with DIE WELT, the former Treasury minister lashed out at the Prime Minister’s trade strategy 15 months after becoming the first minister to resign from her government.

“This year, China is going to grow by 6.7%. In nominal GDP-dollar terms, China will create a new Australia this year.” O’Neill added:

“It will create four New Zealand this year. And Liam Fox and our ludicrous foreign minister spend half of their life going to New Zealand. It’s mad.”

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He said the Brexiteers in May’s cabinet like Boris Johnson or Michael Gove were “very intellectual, smart people,” but they have no clue about the world of economy. They are “clueless, sadly. Clueless.” He added.

Lord O’Neill who joined the Tory government in 2015 said the PM “doesn’t get out and about and think about China”.

“Within a week of the [EU] referendum the Chinese approached us about a free trade agreement,” he said.

“Under Cameron and Osborne, they would have had that discussion 15 months ago…The Prime Minister has failed to visit China at all.”

“Okay, she was there once for a G-20 meeting, but embarrassingly there have been no bilateral talks to date. She was twice in Saudi Arabia. Not in China.”

His comments came as Trade Secretary Liam Fox, set off on a three-day visit to China and as he left Mr Fox insisted Brexit is “not a time bomb to be defused” and said critics “would rather see Britain fail than Brexit succeed”.

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