“The Threat Is Real”; Security Official Warns Of Possible Chemical Attack By ISIS Followers
ISIS followers in the Mideast may be plotting a chemical attack on the US.

ISIS followers desire to use chlorine or other weapons of mass destruction on American soil, The Cipher reported.

Former CIA deputy and acting director, Michael Morell, told “CBS This Morning” we should be taking this “seriously.”

“ISIS has for some time said that they want to acquire weapons of mass destruction and to use them and they’ve actually been able to manufacture chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria and use them on the battlefield,” Morell said.

An official told The Cipher that the United States has intercepted “chatter” by ISIS followers who were discussing how to engineer deadly chlorine and similar attacks used in Syria and launch them in the US.

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But Morell was worried about what ISIS followers in the US could do.

“I think we need to be more worried about them making it here. This stuff is difficult to transport, it’s difficult to get it by customs and immigration. ” he added: “I think it’s more likely that they send the recipe here to their followers and they make it here,”

Morell warned that making it would be “easy to do” with the right materials and a degree in chemistry.

“Most people think you need to spread it with explosives but that actually deteriorates some of the chemicals. So it is difficult to disseminate but again, if you know what you’re doing, and these guys do, then it can do real damage.”

“The bottom line is: the threat is real.” a homeland security official said.

Col. Lonnie Carlson, the head of DHS’ counter-WMD office, said the threat is an “export of something happening in the Middle East that is causing us to devote thousands of dollars in very near-term funding.”

Speaking at the National Defense Industrial Association’s Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict conference on Wednesday, Carlson said: “We’re putting capabilities out in the field right now to counter this threat that 6 months ago, we probably never would have thought of happening. I can’t get into the details right now. It’ll come out shortly,”

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