Three Dozen Conservative MPs’ names are In a Compiled List Of Sexual Mistreating

According to a new report done by Tory aides, 36 Conservative MPs has been accused of inappropriate sexual mistreating.

The list was prepared by a number of current Tory staffers following the Harvey Weinstein acquisition.

Recently, a list of 13 MPs accused of abusiveness was reported in Westminster.

This spreadsheet will send shockwaves through the Tory party and government while lately, Theresa May vowed to crack down on alleged impropriety in Westminster.

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In a letter written to Commons Speaker, John Bercow, Ms May asserted that the current system for dealing with allegations of sexual harassment lacks “the required teeth” as there was no contractual requirement for MPs to follow it.

she continued: “I do not believe that this situation can be tolerated any longer. It is simply not fair on staff, many of whom are young and in their first job post-education.”

The Prime Minister declared the members of the government are expected to uphold the highest standards of propriety under the ministerial code.

“ministers of the Crown are expected to behave in a way that upholds the highest standards of propriety” she added.

The allegations of a minister who is “handsy with women at parties”, an MP on the government payroll who had “sexual relations with a researcher”, one backbencher who is “perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women”, and another who “paid a woman to be quiet” are all publicized by the Guido Fawkes blog.

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