Tories Will Return Britain To The Dog-Eat-Dog World By Destructing NHS: British Writer
“NHS is your birthright earned through the inhuman suffering that your grandparents and great-grandparents endured during the Great Depression”

Harry Leslie Smith, a British writer and political commentator said he watched his own family die in agony because they couldn’t afford treatment.

Smith, 94, told the Mirror that he was struck by pneumonia earlier this month.

“It ­almost made me give up the ghost as I grew so ill I required a hospital stay and intravenous antibiotics.”

Smith said that his sickness reminded him that because of his oldness, death is stalking him as a hunter tracks a wounded animal.

The writer believed that without the NHS, his life would have ended a long time ago since he came from an ancestry of hard-working folk whose labour never paid enough to afford a pleasant life.

Smith said the working class only came to good fortune when a Labour government was elected in 1945.

The former leader of Labour party, Clem Attlee’s government dragged the UK into the future by erecting a welfare state built upon the principle of universal healthcare, delivered through the NHS which was established in 1948.

According to Smith, NHS was a revolutionary concept because before then a trip to the doctor wasn’t based on your needs but “what was in your wallet.”

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“When I fell ill with bronchitis a month after the NHS was born, I was gobsmacked that I’d been treated and issued antibiotics without having to wonder how I’d pay for it on my labourer’s wage.” He said.

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Smith said warned the younger generations that the consequences of not defending their right to an NHS that is funded by the State are dire.

“It will return Britain to the dog-eat-dog world of my youth, where I was traumatised by screams from poor people dying of cancer who couldn’t afford morphine to ease the agony of their end.”

Smith recalled with horror the parade of people he encountered during the Great Depression who died without proper medical attention because they didn’t come from the right class.

The campaigner said the NHS “is your birthright,” that earned through the inhuman suffering that your grandparents and great-grandparents endured during the Great Depression.

“If you do not stand up and resist its destruction by this Tory government, your fate will be as unkind as the one I saw meted out to anyone working class who got sick in the 1920s and 1930s.”

Smith believed that the formation of the NHS was the greatest battle ever won by the common people of this country because it liberated Britons from the scourge of sickness and the poverty.

“Britain is suffering another winter of discontent in the NHS because of austerity, the threat of Brexit and the monetisation of medicine by giant oligopolies like Virgin healthcare.”

He said that under Jeremy Hunt, the NHS has been stripped and starved of resources, and hope when it should be protected and honoured.

“As I am almost 100 years old, I am one of the last living bridges to your history. It’s why you must stand up and defend the NHS against the machinations of big business and the Tories who want to make my past your future.”

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