We Are Trapped In The Same Conversation Each Time; Angela Merkel Poked Fun At Theresa May

During the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, the German chancellor poked fun at the prime minister Theresa May about the British approach to Brexit,  ITV’s Robert Peston said on Facebook.

According to Peston, Angela Merkel told a secret meeting of journalists that whenever she spoke to May about Brexit the pair engaged in the same conversation each time.

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Merkel said when she asks May how she wants to shape Britain’s future relationship with the EU, May replies: “Make me an offer”.

Merkel responds: “But you’re leaving – we don’t have to make you an offer. Come on, what do you want?”

May replies: “Make me an offer”.

The chancellor told journalists that the pair were trapped in an ongoing cycle of “What do you want?” and “Make me an offer”.

Merkel’s comments, according to reports from the event, left journalists laughing “uproariously”.

However, the leaders’ comedy skit reflects a deep and uncomfortable truth for the UK Government which is that the PM and her cabinet have not yet decided what British future trading relationship with the EU should look like.

Merkel and May are facing their own domestic struggles, with May desperately trying to hold her party together as she prepares for the next stage of Brexit negotiations.

On the other hand, the German chancellor is battling to piece together a coalition government to help cement her fourth term in office.

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