Twelve Women Killed By Saudi Airstrike On Yemenis Wedding Ceremony
Witnesses and health officials said an airstrike by Saudi-led coalition has struck a wedding ceremony in the northern Yemeni province of Ma’rib on Sunday, killing 12 women.

According to witnesses, the bombing was definitely targeted at a group of women who were returning home from the wedding party. They said the bride was among those women since it’s a tradition in Yemen for the bride’s female friends and relatives to accompany her to the wedding ceremony, where the groom waits for.

A father of the two girls killed in the attack told al-Masirah broadcaster that the aggressor committed a hideous crime by targeting ordinary women who were returning from a wedding.

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Since March 2015, the US-backed coalition has been at war with Yemeni Forces. More than 12,000 Yemeni people have died since the conflict began.

Saudi Arabia has faced repeated accusations of violating humanitarian law. The data indicate that more than a third of the Saudis’ airstrikes had hit civilian sites such as school buildings, hospitals, markets, mosques and economic infrastructure.

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