Twitter Trolled Trump After Norway’s Erna Solberg Spoke Better English Than He Did
Trump sounded illiterate next to Norway's PM and English is a "SECOND LANGUAGE for her."

On Wednesday, the United States’ president held a press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the White House which was the first foreign leader visit with the president in 2018.

Soon after the meeting started, people on Twitter took notice an obvious contrast between the two leaders. They believed Solberg spoke better English than Trump did.

Seated in the Oval Office, Trump criticised the investigation of counsel Robert Mueller during the pair’s joint press conference. However, it was not the first time Trump has done something like this; last June, during a joint presser with Romania’s president, Trump attacked former FBI director James Comey.

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Many people said although English is a second language for Norway’s PM, Trump was outdone by Solberg on the basic matter of speaking fluent English. President Trump has often been criticised for his confused, digressive style of speech, along with a seemingly limited vocabulary dependent on some familiar words and phrases.

The English Proficiency Index released in 2016 proved that Norwegians rank as the fourth-strongest non-native English speakers.

“Norway is a great customer, and a great ally and a great friend,” Trump told Solberg.

The PM said Norway was “really appreciative of the good work that we have together with the United States. You are our closest ally inside NATO.”

“We make the greatest military equipment in the world and you buy a lot of it. We appreciate that. It’s called jobs.” Trump said.

Some people on Twitter took notice made some fun out of Trump’s speech.

A user said how depressing it is to see Norway’s Prime Minister has a better grasp of the English language than Trump.

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