Twitter Users Back Sadiq Khan And Roast Theresa May For Her Misleading Information On Knife Crime
“The PM simply can’t be allowed to get away with misleading information.” Sadiq Khan tweeted.

The Prime Minister was roasted by London’s mayor after she told the House of Commons the mayors are to blame for the recent rise in knife crime.

During PMQs on Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn pressed Theresa May on rising crime and cuts to the police service. He said recorded crime was up by a fifth since 2010 and violent crime up 20 per cent, but 21,000 police and £2.3bn had been cut from the police service when May was home secretary.

In response, Mrs May criticised Labour leader. She also took swipes at Sadiq Khan and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.

Mr Corbyn said gun crime was up 20 per cent in 2017, and that the chief constable of Merseyside had said he did not have sufficient resources to fight it.

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“We’ve put in various pieces of work on anti-knife crime…The leader of the opposition voted against changing the law so that anyone caught carrying a knife for a second time would face a custodial sentence.” Mrs May said.

“He has called for much shorter sentences for those who break the law and he might want to reflect on the fact when there was a Conservative mayor in London, knife crime went down.”

“Now there is a Labour mayor in government, knife crime is going up.” she added.

The Labour Leader replied that crime could be dealt with by an effective probation service, community service orders and the rehabilitation of offenders. The PM, however, responded that only a strong economy could pay for good public services.

Later, the London mayor tweeted criticising the PM for her misleading information. “The PM simply can’t be allowed to get away with misleading information.” Mr Khan said: “Knife crime is rising across Britain – not just London – & started going up well before May 2016. 8 years of Tory cuts to police & preventative services must urgently be reversed”

Besides, fans took to social media to decry the Prime Minister.

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