Twitter Users Hit “Ignorant” Tory MP For Claiming People Have “Thousands More In Their Pockets” After The Budget
During a debate on the Budget, Tory MP Rebecca Pow claimed that people have “thousands more in their pockets”.

Soon after Ms Pow told Parliament that the people in Taunton Deane had “thousands more in their pockets”, she has been branded ignorant for comments she made.

The Labour’s shadow chancellor, John McDonnell responded in parliament that his colleague was “well intentioned” but ignorant.

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The Tory claimed the people in Taunton Deane speak to her and they’ve actually got more money in their pockets, which is what they want. She added:

“We have put up the national living wage, we have cut income tax by raising the personal allowance and again we have frozen fuel duty.”

“So people have actually got thousands more in their pockets than they had under the Labour government.”

While Labour MPs howled in protest, Mr McDonnell responded saying that she’s displayed an ignorance about large numbers of people.

“Can I just suggest this to her? I don’t wish to be patronising.”

“I just say that all of us who are on relatively high wages need to understand and be very careful when we talk about levels of income and levels of wealth.”

The chancellor also said four million of UK children are actually living in poverty and two-thirds of those children are living in households where someone is at work.

Later, the organiser of the Taunton Foodbank replied to Tory’s claim and said: “Our figures say something very different”.

Earlier this month, the charity, run by the wider Trussell Trust, said it had given out 1,075 emergency food parcels in six months – a 40 per cent rise on the previous year.

Although the Conservatives have doubled the income tax allowance from £6,475 to £11,850 since 2010, but have given a tax cut to £45,000 earners at the same time.

On the other hand, the Fuel duty has been frozen for the seventh year in a row, saving motorists’ bills but costing the Treasury £830m a year.

The Twitter users also slammed Tory for her nonsense comment.

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