Two Mass Graves Of 90 Yazidis Discovered In Northern Iraq
The mayor of Sinjar city in northern Iraq said two mass graves containing the remains of 90 victims, mostly women and children were uncovered by Iraqi officials

Mohamed Khalil told Anadolu Agency that most of the bodies found were Yezidis, a Kurdish ethno-religious community in northern Iraq who were slaughter by ISIS militants.

Following ISIS emergence in 2014, they arrested and killed thousands of Yezidis in the region and kidnapped girls and women and sold them as sex slaves. The Yazidi people were considered as the “devil worshippers.” by the ISIS radicals.

The latest figures show that about 1,293 Yezidis have been killed since August 3, 2014, the first day of ISIS attacks in the region. The terrorists also had kidnapped 6,417 Yezidis, including 1,102 women and 1,655 children.

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United Nations formerly said that the ISIS has committed genocide against Yezidis that amounted to crimes against humanity and war crimes.

“ISIS has sought to erase the Yazidis through killings; sexual slavery, enslavement, torture and inhuman and degrading treatment and forcible transfer causing serious bodily and mental harm,” UN said.

In November 2015, Sinjar was retaken from ISIS during an operation by Kurdish Peshmerga forces. More than 30 mass graves of Yazidis have been found there since that time.

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