Watch: Conservative MP Praises Health Secretary “Jeremy Corbyn For Absolutely Fantastic” Job On NHS
“We have spent more on health and I think Jeremy Corbyn, what he's done with the resources available has been fantastic”

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has mixed up Jeremy Hunt with the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn and praised the Leader of the opposition for “absolutely fantastic” job on the health service.

During an interview on Sky News, the conservative MP thanked Health Secretary “Jeremy Corbyn” for running the NHS. It seems Mr Bridgen temporarily forgot that his colleague Jeremy Hunt is the current Secretary of State for Health.

When Mr Bridgen 53, who represents North West Leicestershire was asked to rate the performance of the Health Secretary, he replied:

“We have spent more on health and I think Jeremy Corbyn when you look at 9 million more attendances at A and E a year than in 2010, what he’s done with the resources available has been fantastic, the NHS actually under our watch last year was named the best health service in the world.”

The viewers of Sky News took to social media to comment on the Tory’s gaffe.

One user wrote: “The Tories are so inept, they’re beyond a joke. You really couldn’t make this stuff up. PR disaster for May’s party today.”

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It was certainly the day of gaffes in Westminster as the Prime Minister Theresa May reveals her new top team. Patrick McLoughlin has left the role he has held since July 2016, and there was confusion over who would replace him after the Tories firstly announced Chris Grayling had been appointed party chairman on their official Twitter before swiftly deleting the Tweet.

Later, the party announced the right person, Brandon Lewis, then they tweeted that he had been appointed Tory Party chair and “Minister without Porfolio” before deleting and reissuing the message without the spelling mistake.

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