Watch: Palestinian Man Was Kicked And Punched By Israel Troops As He Lies Lifeless On Ground

New footage shows Israeli soldiers beating and kicking a Palestinian man, who died last week in Israeli custody, in the hours before his death.

Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, published the footage, noting that Yassin al-Saradeeh did not receive proper medical attention for 25 minutes.

Al-Saradeeh’s family who believe he died after being beaten by Israeli soldiers during his arrest, are now considering legal action.

In the footage of the arrest, Israeli soldiers kicked and punched al-Saradeeh as he lies helplessly on the ground.

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Al-Saradeeh, 33-year-old died soon after a confrontation on February 22 with Israeli troops near the West Bank city of Jericho. The Palestinian Authority condemned it as a “cold-blooded execution”.

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The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club released a statement saying al-Saradeeh died as a result of inhaling tear gas, which was fired during the confrontations.

But security camera footage from local shops shows the Palestinian man attempting to assault the soldiers with a metal rod, as they conduct raids on homes in the town. The footage shows one soldier shooting al-Saradeeh in the lower body at point blank range.

Three more Israeli troops also appeared on the footage, kicking al-Saradeeh, who by this point is lying lifeless on the ground, and beat him with their rifles and drag him around the alleyway. They later fire a tear gas canister at the entrance to the alley where they are keeping al-Saradeeh.

Watch the video below:

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