Watch: Russian Pilot Surrounded By Terrorists, Killed Himself With Grenade To Avoid Capture
The Russian pilot had exploded his grenade to take his own life rather than be captured by terrorists.

A Russian pilot downed by rebel fighters in Syria, shot dead two enemies before killing himself with a grenade to avoid being captured by terrorists.

Roman Filipov, ejected after Syrian rebels hit his Su-25 over Idlib province using a short-range anti-aircraft missile, known as a Manpad.

Rebel fighter taking a picture of a downed Sukhoi-25 fighter jet in Syria's northwest province of Idlib.

The pilot kept his plane in the air but was eventually forced to eject after one of the engines failed and flight controls became impossible. Rebels opened fire on him as he descended to the ground but he managed to land safely.

The 33-year-old pilot was immediately swarmed by rebel fighters and managed to kill two with his handgun.

Realising his situation was hopeless, Filipov pulled the pin on his grenade to kill himself after a footage by the Al-Qaeda linked group Al-Nusra Front captured him yelling “This is for our guys.” moment before being overwhelmed by enemies, then he pulled the pin on his grenade, with the blast killing him.

Syrian men standing at the site of a downed Sukhoi-25 fighter jet in the the Syrian city of Saraqib, southwest of Aleppo. 

Russian Defense Ministry said that the pilot was “fighting the rebels until the last minute” and detonated the grenade when they approached.

Filipov was an experienced pilot who had successfully fulfilled dozens of military tasks in Syria, including eliminating terrorist groups and escorting humanitarian convoys to liberated areas.

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Maj. Filipov, from Vladivostok, has been posthumously nominated for the Kremlin’s highest honour, the Hero of Russia.

“The pilot died heroically. The pilot’s family and friends have our condolences, and we are proud of our heroes,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

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