Watch: Saudi Couple Face Prosecution On Charges Of Dancing In Public
The authorities in Saudi Arabia have ordered the arrest of a couple who were found dancing in public.

In the video which went viral on Twitter, a Saudi man and woman can be seen dancing on the street pavement, while bystanders are watching them.

The video prompted a fierce debate among Saudis, with some branding it ‘inappropriate’ while others thought the reactions were unnecessary.

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The videos also prompted Prince Faisal bin Khaled, the governor of Asir province, to order an urgent investigation into the video that captured the couple in a street in the city of Abha, in the south-west of the country.

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The head of the Governor’s media and communications office, Saad Al Thabet, said that the pair’s “unethical behaviour” is contrary to “Islamic etiquette, customs and traditions”, which is not acceptable, the Daily Mail reported.

Due to the similar incident which took place in 2017, a teenager was arrested for dancing the Macarena, a 1990s dance craze, at a pedestrian stop in the city of Jeddah. The boy was accused of disrupting traffic and violating public morals.

The 14-year-old boy has been hauled in by Saudi officers and taken for questioning, although the incident happening more than a year ago.

Police said the boy was being questioned because he had shown “improper public behavior” and disrupted traffic.

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