West Bromwich Rally: Corbyn Supporters Are Optimistic About The Future Of The Party

Recently, the YouGov poll for The Times found 34% of voters want Theresa May to stay as UK’s Prime Minister, up one point from a month ago. Backing for Jeremy Corbyn as PM was 35% and a sizeable 35% said they were not sure who they wanted to lead the country.

Labour Leader’s supporters kept up this hero worship at West Bromwich Rally and weren’t concerned at polls showing Theresa May gaining support.

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An 18-year-old Erin Gilbey, a student at Birmingham University said that the polls don’t concern her and they’ll see what happens and they’ll fight behind Corbyn. She added:

“Just as he was leaving then, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an MP for many years be popular in the way that people want to speak to him and want to know him, almost as a person.”

She said that Corbyn has done incredibly to get that sort of support and the poll don’t make any difference.

Another student, 18-year-old Emma Gordon, said:

“Polls haven’t had much of a history of being that accurate, let’s be real. There was the landslide victory for the Tories and all that, so I’m not really concerning myself with polls, to be honest.”

There were also plenty of football-style scarves with Corbyn’s name emblazoned upon them floating around, as well as plenty of other merchandise, including the now-almost iconic T-shirt, featured the leader’s name in the style of the Nike slogan.

During the rally, the biggest cheers of the nights were reserved for the issues of council housing, reversal of NHS privatisation and party successes in locations not generally thought of as Labour areas.

Jeremy Corbyn told the crowd that the Prime Minister and her Chancellor claim they’re building an economy “fit for the future”. But all the figures they published yesterday show our economy is on its knees and even the mild-mannered Institute for Fiscal Studies describes the outlook on living standards as “grim”.

At the West Bromwich Rally, the Islington North MP yet once more ushered on stage to a rendition of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” and rapturous applause from the 1,500-strong audience in West Bromwich.

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