Westminster Sex Scandal: Tory MP Roger Gale Says “Female Journalists Are Responsible”

Tory MP, Sir Roger Gale has blamed female journalists for fuelling the Westminster sex scandal and undermined their complaints about alleged incidents from years ago.

Describing them as “wilting flowers”, Gale said nobody made female journalists to wine and dine MPs and claimed Damian Green is being treated as “guilty” and put “on the rack”.

Mr Green, Theresa May’s second-in-command, has been suspected of pornographic material on a computer in his Westminster office.

While the UK Parliament continues to be rocked by a series of allegations of sex abuse and scandal, Mr Gale blamed female journalists for stoking this sense of fear and unease in Parliament.

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“those who are found guilty of rape or sexual assault should be locked up and throw away the key”, he said.

Sir Roger claimed that he has stopped allowing interns to work for him over fears of allegations and said that he advised all of his children not to follow in his footsteps in politics.

Roger added the sex scandal has now become a “witch hunt”. In an interview with Mail Online, he warned female journalists for hurting their careers since MPs will avoid having lunches with them in the future.

“mainly female journalists are responsible.”, Sir Roger said.

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