Wheelchair-Bound ISIS Bomber Says Goodbye To His Tearful Children Before Blowing Himself Up

A wheelchair-bound ISIS suicide bomber who has reportedly carried out a suicide attack at a military compound in eastern Syria, is seen chatting to his son and daughter before being lifted into an explosive-laden car.

 Images have emerged of a wheelchair bound ISIS fighter saying goodbye to his kids before going out on an attack

In the images released by the ISIS’s propaganda arm this weekend, the crippled terrorist is seen with a rifle on his lap as he says goodbye to tearful children, apparently for the last time.

 The jihadi was then lifted into a car before driving off to his target in Syria

Then, the ISIS can then be seen being lifted from his wheelchair into a car and making a hand gesture with his index finger which has become associated with ISIS group over the years.

 In the final image he gave the infamous one fingered salute of the Caliphate

The car is claimed to have been chock full of explosives while the next photo allegedly shows the area where the man is reported to have blown him up in a suicide mission.

Other images show the crippled bomber on his way to destroy a compound controlled by the Syrian government in Al-Bahrah near Deir Ezzor, which is one of the last areas where ISIS is active.

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While the terrorist group claimed to have killed a number of government fighters during an offensive on an eastern part of the town, the Syrian Army, in turn, released images claiming to show its men destroying an oncoming suicide vehicle.

Earlier in 2016, the ISIS released propaganda images of a wheelchair-bound executioner assisting in the crucifixion of alleged “spies” in the Libyan city of Sirte, which ISIS largely controlled at the time.

The ISIS suicide bomber who attempted to bring down a passenger jet over Somalia’s capital of Mogadishu in February 2016 was believed to have used a wheelchair as a means of evading airport security and smuggling an explosive device onboard.

Earlier in November 2017, Syrian government forces retook the province from ISIS, leaving its fighters obliterated in both Iraq and Syria. Yet, groups of remaining fighters are still attempting to claw back territory.

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