“Who’s In?”; Activists Call For The Biggest Protest In British History Against Trump’s UK Visit
Tens of thousands of anti-Trump activists are set to have the “biggest protest in British history” on London’s streets against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

On Facebook, a group called “Protest Trump’s visit” is promising the “most incredible protest in our history” and already boasts of 20,000 attendees and a further 61,000 who are interested in attending.

After a meeting between the Prime Minister Theresa May and Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the US president announced his intention to come to London in October in his interview with Piers Morgan earlier this week. Trump claimed May had invited him to visit the UK on two occasions.

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The people sign up to express an interest in the demo against Trump’s planned trip as campaigners, politicians and celebrities have all spoken out against the visit.

Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy was among those calling for a protest. Responding to news of the visit, he wrote on Twitter: “To be met by the biggest protest this country has ever seen. Who’s in?”

Comedian Stephen Fry also took to Twitter to endorse calls for demonstrations: “We’re coming together to build a better Britain by standing with those Trump targets,”

The organisations such as Abortion Support Network, Help Refugees and Operation Black Vote have all voiced support for this huge protest.

Earlier in May, an online petition against the government’s plan to give Trump a state visit was signed by more than 1.8 million people.

In the interview with Morgan, Trump said: “I think I’m very popular in your country,”.

“I know, but I believe that I really do. I get so much fan mail from people in your country. They love my sense of security; they love what I’m saying about many different things. We get tremendous support from people in the UK.” he added.

In June, Trump denied that a state visit has been delayed over fears of mass protests and his popularity in Britain.

The president has already cancelled a planned trip to London next month for the official opening of the new US embassy building in London. He claimed that he had abandoned the trip because he disapproved of the location and price of the new embassy.

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