A Woman Hung ‘String Of Knickers’ Outside Tory MP’s Office After He Blocks Ban On Upskirting
Conservative Sir Christopher Chope has blocked a law against upskirting and shouted “object” to the law that would have stopped perverts taking pictures up women’s skirts.

The Voyeurism (Offences) Bill would make it illegal for offenders to take a picture under someone’s clothing without their consent, but Sir Christopher shouted ‘Object’ to the dismay of his colleagues surrounding him.

Sir Christopher Chope shouted “object” as his colleagues cried out “shame”. He told ‘upskirting’ victim Gina Martin, 26, he “wasn’t sure” what it was after.

Christopher Chope

Chope’s single objection meant he was able to stop the law being approved, triggering cries of ‘shame’ from his colleagues and fury on social media.

He was branded “sickening” and an “utterly disgraceful human”, with some even calling for him to be sacked and stripped of his knighthood.

The 71-year-old MP also objected to another bill, less than an hour later, which would have granted police dogs and horses more protection from being attacked.

Last night, Lorna Rees, one of the veteran Tory MP’s constituents hung three pairs of her pants in front of Sir Chope’s office front door in Christchurch, Dorset.

She hung up ‘knicker bunting’ reading ‘no one should be able to photo my pants unless i want them to’ after he turned down the private members’ bill on Friday afternoon.

“No one should be able to photo my pants unless I want them to,” Ms Rees wrote on Twitter, along with a picture of her underwear.

“I hope my anti-Chope constituency pant protest shows solidarity,” she wrote, referencing Ms Martin, who launched a campaign to make upskirting illegal.

The phrase ‘choping’ and the hashtag ‘#dontbeachope’ were used thousands of times, referring to his record of blocking Private Members Bills on a matter of principle – regardless of their subject matter.

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Matt Sheard said: “Brilliant knicker bunting. I live in Xchurch and object to Chope on many levels. This is a good opportunity to publicly shame him.”

The Bill will have to return for another Friday Private Members Bill session, on July 6, if it is to have any hope of becoming law this Parliamentary term.

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