“What You’re Doing Is Wrong, I’m A Kid”; 11-year-Old Girl Sends Message To Attacker Who Cut Her Hijab
Khawlah said she screamed and the assailant ran, only to return, pull off her hood and cut her hijab.

An assailant, in two attempts within 10 minutes, cut Khawlah Noman’s hijab using scissors while the 11-year-old girl was walking to school with her brother, a Toronto police spokeswoman reported.

Khawlah was walking to school with her brother when they said a man came up behind her with scissors and tried to forcibly remove her head covering with scissors twice in the space of just 10 minutes.

“I felt confused, scared, terrified,” Khawlah who is in Grade 6, told reporters at her school on Friday.

“I screamed. The man just ran away. We followed this crowd of people to be safe. He came again. He continued cutting my hijab again.” She added.

Man cuts off girl's hijab

Khawlah said that she felt someone tug her hood from her winter coat down and hack at her light blue scarf with a pair of scissors. When she turned around, the assailant was smiling at her.

She felt scared and confused and didn’t feel comfortable with what was going on. Khawlah said she screamed and the assailant ran, only to return, pull off her hood and cut her hijab. When they arrived to the school, they found that her hijab had a 30cm cut in at from the bottom.

Canadian police who are investigating the hate crime described the attacker as Asian, 20-30 years old, between 5ft 7in and 5ft 8in, with a thin build.

Researchers have documented an increase in far-right extremist activity in Canada, much of it targeting Muslims.

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During a press conference on Friday at Pauline Johnson Junior Public School, Khawlah sent a message to the attacker:

“What you’re doing is really wrong,” Khawlah added: “you should not act like this, and especially, I’m a kid.”

Man cuts off girl's hijab

Samia Samad, the girl’s mother also said: “It’s just not Canada. I’m frustrated and I’m angry, but I do believe in peace in Canada. I am so proud to be a Canadian, and I want to give (the attacker) the same message.”

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister tweeted his support for Kwalah on Friday.

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