Yvette Cooper: Government Overlooks The Towns Hit Hard By Austerity And Brexit
Yvette Cooper, a Labour Party politician has warned the towns that voted Leave are at risk of losing out most during and after Brexit.

Ms Cooper, head of the committee, said that mistakes might not be corrected “until the appeal goes through, by which time somebody has been deported”.

The labour MPs asserted:

“The Home Office is notorious for mistakes. It currently loses half of all appeals.”

She added that the process is stressful enough for EU citizens without facing the possibility of being separated from their homes, their jobs, their community and their children for months on end as a result of Home Office errors.

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Ms Cooper added: “The minister’s failure to guarantee that EU nationals won’t be deported while they appeal if the Home Office refuses them settled status will cause considerable alarm.”

The MPs said that UKVI needs 6,500 staff to deal with the three million cases it currently handles each year. Cooper claimed that according to a new research, the cities are growing at twice the rate of towns and economic growth plans are heavily geared towards larger metropolitan areas. She said that Instead of helping, Government is making the divide worse. She added:

“Austerity has hit town services hard too. As public services shrink back to fewer, bigger centres to save money, many towns have lost services altogether – the police station, the A&E, the magistrates courts, the solicitor’s practices, the sports centres and swimming pools. Local town institutions are disappearing and so are the professionals who work in them,”

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